Our Story

I have created the concept of aBETTERme over years of tears and laughter in conversation with myself, my husband, my family, my friends and my community of health professionals.

Now, thankfully it is much bigger than my thoughts or dreams. It is a movement being created by fellow practitioners, and people like you who know so much from lived experience.

What is new with aBETTERme is that we are bringing the best that science has to offer in the areas of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health, while paying really close attention to accepting and celebrating who we are right now. We move ahead with open hearts and a certainty that we can be stronger, more confident and more filled with joy by living from the inside out.

It took me a really, really long time to know, believe and live that being a better me was the most loving gift I could give to others as well. We do this work and healing for ourselves, for those we love, and for those who will need our love and support in the future.

Shoshana’s Bio

Shoshana is a leader, educator, advocate, innovator and researcher concerned with advancing the wellness of populations at risk with a special focus on mental health and geriatric care. She is passionate about advancing this goal by facilitating individual, team and organizational performance excellence. Presently, she is pursuing scholarship in relational research at the doctoral level to articulate the role of relational education, practice and evaluation methodology on quality improvement in healthcare.

Shoshana’s professional designations include social worker, psychotherapist, gerontologist, clinical simulationist, applied mindfulness meditation practitioner and caring clown. She is also an expert in instructional design, interprofessional team education, online learning, copywriting / editing, administration / coordination and musical performance.